Q: What does Made in the USA mean?

A: Made in the USA is a phrase we don't take lightly around here. To us this means assembled in America using an all American labor force, all of our facilities are located in America, and all of our partners are American based when purchasing raw materials.

Q: When you say LifeTime Guarantee..How long is a lifetime?

A: One LifeTime. Here at R.H. Eastman we are standing by our product forever. Period. if you find an issue with the craftsmanship or durability of any of our products we will send you a replacement Free of charge, all you have to do is pay the shipping.

Q: Under New Management you say?

A: Yup! Still the same company serving the same purpose it always has but with an all new staff and management team. Fret Not! We take pride in the 25 Year heritage that R.H. Eastman Has built itself so when we moved to an all new facility we sought to remain in the Boston area for its history as a region full of hardworking and innovative people. With this move we can better serve you(the Customer) and provide a product that's not only built well, but efficiently an in an Eco-friendly mindset.


Q: 25 years is a long time to be in business, what does that imply for the customer?

A: Since 1989 R.H.Eastman have been developing and innovating new ways to Present and preserve your important Photos and Documents. This mean we have have a lot of time to find what works best when implementing our products. Less Hassle for the consumer and happier folks all around.